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  • The Bands of Mourning: Changing Everything, For Better and For Worse

    Of the books in Mistborn era 2, I found getting through this one to be the most difficult. After Shadows of Self, I was pretty drained on era 2. My optimism towards this sequel series was starting to fade. But I got through it. And I’m glad I did. I would say that this is […]

  • Shadows of Self: On Gods and Assassins

    Era two of Mistborn got off to a rocky start. Alloy of Law isn’t a bad book by any means, but it couldn’t quite reach the same heights that the era one books did. But maybe book two will help put things on the right track! Now deputized, Wax and Wayne continue to tackle crime […]

  • Alloy of Law: Welcome to the Future

    The first trilogy of Mistborn books is one of my favorite works from any author. It’s a fantastic story that perfectly showcases Sanderson’s strengths as a writer. Few stories left me as satisfied as it did. Then I found out that there was more. And after a substantial wait, I’m finally ready to tackle it. […]

  • The Potential of the Mistborn Movie

    Modern fantasy movies haven’t had a decent run of it recently. Most of them have either been forgettable or just straight-up bad. The only fantasy movies that people really talk about with any fondness are the Lord of the Rings movies. The genre has needed a new film to reinvigorate it. Something that’ll really bring […]

  • Kelsier: The Survivor of Hathsin

    *Spoilers for the first Mistborn book ahead!* I was originally planning to avoid talking about Mistborn again until we saw something from the movie (oh yeah, that’s a thing that’s happening, apparently). But I’m not a patient man. If you guys didn’t know that at this point, I’d be pretty shocked. The mentor character is […]