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Metroid Dread: The Triumphant Return

First was Psychonauts 2. Now a brand-new Metroid game. This year is my year! Metroid Dread is game with a lot riding on it. The series has been more or less stuck in hibernation ever since the release of Metroid: Other M back in 2010. Aside from two 3DS games, only one of which we… Continue reading Metroid Dread: The Triumphant Return

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The Metroid Manga: Before Mission Zero

Come to think of it, the only manga I've ever reviewed was the Akame Ga Kill, which I had rolled in with the anime. Why not expand my horizons a little bit? No, it's not because I haven't watched any shows to review lately, why do you say that?! Name an even mildly successful Japanese… Continue reading The Metroid Manga: Before Mission Zero