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  • The Great One Piece Journey (Part 26): Zou

    Of all the arcs in the series, this is among the shortest. Yet it manages to hit every bit as hard as the longer arcs. In certain scenes, it hits even harder! After their victory against Doflamingo, the Straw Hats, accompanied by Law, make to rendezvous with the rest of their crew on Zou, a […]

  • Big Mom: One Piece’s Most Terrifying Villain

    Big Mom: One Piece’s Most Terrifying Villain

    The sheer number of villains occupying the pages of One Piece put every other shounen series to shame. That’s to be expected, with the length of the series. But the sheer quality of each and every one of them is something to be admired. Almost all of these bad guys are unique and interesting, and […]

  • The Great One Piece Journey (Part 25): Dressrosa

    Up to this point, post time-skip One Piece has had some issues. The reunion on Saboady was enjoyable, but the following two arcs were among the weakest in the series. Fish-Man Island had some great themes, but felt like a chore at times. Punk Hazard was more or less a setup arc with disappointing villains […]

  • The Great One Piece Journey (Part 24): Punk Hazard

    The Great One Piece Journey (Part 24): Punk Hazard

    I’m not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but here goes: this is my least favorite arc of One Piece. Not to say that it’s terrible. But I definitely felt my interest wander more than once. The Straw Hats successfully have entered the New World and are ready to begin their new […]

  • In Defense of Nina (Berserk)

    The list of loathsome Berserk characters is almost as long as the series itself. Griffith. Wyald. The Count. The Snake Lord. Guts. So why is it that this girl gets so much more hate than they do? For those unfamiliar with her, or those who have simply forgotten, Nina was an important side character in […]