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  • Final Fantasy V: The RPG That Bullies You

    Final Fantasy V: The RPG That Bullies You

    I have a somewhat odd history with Final Fantasy V. Technically, it was the first game in the series I ever played; I would play it a fair bit when I was a kid. But I had never actually finished it. In fact, I never even got that far; I’d get to the ship graveyard […]

  • Final Fantasy IV: When They Figured it Out

    Final Fantasy IV: When They Figured it Out

    Farewell, NES. Hello, SNES! Oh, dear friend, I’m so glad to see you again! The first three Final Fantasy games definitely suffered from growing pains. It was the same story we saw countless times on the NES: the first game was revolutionary, the second was a disaster that experimented too much and lost what worked […]

  • Zenos (FFXIV Endwalker): Best Boss Battles

    Zenos (FFXIV Endwalker): Best Boss Battles

    *This article will be a mostly spoiler-free zone. Nevertheless, proceed with caution. If you haven’t finished the main story of Endwalker, or the rest of Final Fantasy XIV for that matter, then I advise you read with caution.* I’m not addicted to Final Fantasy XIV, why do you ask? Shut up! As an MMO, Final […]

  • Advent Children is Bizarre

    Advent Children is Bizarre

    Of all the games in the Final Fantasy series, none has received quite the level of attention from Square Enix that Final Fantasy 7 has. At this point, FF7 is basically it’s own series, with all the spin-off games and anime OVAs and the remake project. Other FF games are lucky just to get any […]

  • Final Fantasy 3: Return to Form

    Final Fantasy 3: Return to Form

    Sorry that the gap between these Final Fantasy retrospectives has been getting longer. It’s hard to blast through RPGs. Especially when you have an attention span as short as mine. Final Fantasy 1 was a solid start to the series, if a bit rough around the edges. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy 2, while ambitious for its […]