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  • Fighting Games Should Be Free-to-Play

    Fighting Games Should Be Free-to-Play

    I know those three words are unpopular, but hear me out. Fighting games are a more niche genre of video games. Not just because the barrier to entry is intimidating for new players; no one wants to get their asses kicked before they know what they’re actually doing. A large part of it has to […]

  • My Cautious Excitement For Guilty Gear: Strive

    My Cautious Excitement For Guilty Gear: Strive

    Guilty Gear is one of the most underappreciated fighting game franchises out there. It’s been around for about twenty-three years now, but it’s always been mostly under the radar. It’s had a large enough following to keep going, but nothing to blow the world away. It’s always played second fiddle behind the Street Fighters and […]

  • Skullgirls: The Little Fighting Game That Could

    I love a lot of fighting games. I wrote a whole list just a few weeks ago. Smash Bros, Guilty Gear, Marvel VS Capcom, Soul Calibur, Tekken, the list is long. Am I good at any of them? Oh, absolutely not. But I love playing them regardless. But of them all, one has had an […]

  • My Favorite Fighting Games

    My Favorite Fighting Games

    Ah, fighting games. If there’s one thing I’ve missed, it’s getting to play those with friends. None of my roommates are into them and all my FGC buddies have been dealing with COVID issues of their own. So, much to my dismay, I’ve been stuck playing the three fighting games with online that actually functions. […]

  • I Miss Unbeatable Fighting Game Bosses

    Imagine with me for a moment. You’re back in the 90s. You’re in your parent’s basement, sat in front of a bulky CRT with a SNES controller in hand. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo just came out. You’re making your way through arcade mode on the highest difficulty. You reach the end, your fingers exhausted […]