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  • Stone Golem:

    It’s time for the last golem. Will it be an interesting one? Probably not! Let’s find out! Stone golems have pretty much no lore. It’s just two descriptive paragraphs of how flexible they are in construction and how powerful they can be. It’s just like the iron golem; brief, pointless, and boring. Next. Design: Angery […]

  • I Miss Video Rental Stores

    No one younger than 19 will be able to understand what I’m talking about in this article. Well, sit down kids. Time for a history lesson. Long ago, there were two options in watching a movie. Option one: buy the thing. This was often the simplest method, if the slightly more pricey and risky one. […]

  • Let’s Blog Award 2020

    Let’s Blog Award 2020

    Let’s Blog Award, huh? Alright, why not? Seems like fun! Thanks to Anime Rants for nominating me and shoutout to the creator of the award, Renee at Renee’s Corner! Here are the rules. Rules of Let’s Blog Mention the creator of the award and the blogger who nominated you. Copy paste the rules. Answer the […]

  • Day 295: Explaining the Magic

    Day 295: Explaining the Magic

    A good magician never reveals his tricks. Magic systems are always one of my favorite things in fiction. They open up a new realm of fantastical possibilities that could make the world of the story infinitely more complex and interesting. From spell-books to unicorns and dragons, I’ve been a sucker for the fantastical my entire […]