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  • Castlevania (NES): An Unforgiving, Unfair Masterpiece

    There are certain games from my childhood that still haunt my nightmares. Not because they were scary, mind you. Because of their brutality. As a small child, being faced with an insurmountable challenge that your tiny mind and smaller hands are incapable of overcoming can be scarring. Like being beaten over the head with a […]

  • Ranking All Four Seasons of Castlevania From Worst to Best

    Castlevania is over and I still haven’t gotten over it. So, in a poor attempt to settle my grief, I’m going to organize the four seasons from the worst to the best and explain why. You know, your typical ranking article you’ve seen a billion times on the internet. Remember, these are my personal opinions, […]

  • Castlevania Season 4: Sticking the Landing

    Castlevania Season 4: Sticking the Landing

    I’m not sure if this is a cartoon or American anime anymore so I’m just gonna say it’s both. Cool? Cool. On with the review. When Netflix released the first ever trailer for their adaptation of Castlevania, I remember feeling dread. Granted, I was on break at McDonald’s at the time; dread was a common […]

  • Castlevania Season 3: A Mixed, Bloody Bag

    Castlevania Season 3: A Mixed, Bloody Bag

    After a super painful wait, Castlevania’s third season is here! And holy fuck it is BONKERS!! This is easily the most insane season of the show yet! There is a ton of shit to unpack here! But the question remains: should this season even exist? Season two, while it had its flaws, felt like an ending point. It left […]