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Code Names: Don’t Play This While Inebriated (Game Night)

I know I say don't play this while drunk/high/cross-faded. But if you want a hell of a time... well, I'm not saying you shouldn't give it a shot. Code Names is one of the simplest and most fun board games out there. It's a simple game that pushes your knowledge and understanding of your friends to their… Continue reading Code Names: Don’t Play This While Inebriated (Game Night)

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Magic Arena: Lesser Hearthstone (Game Night!)

What a cycle we've undergone. First came Magic the Gathering. Then came Hearthstone, a simpler game that many considered a sort-of rip off. Then came Magic the Gathering: Arena, a clunkier and less appealing Hearthstone. What's next? Are we going to get a physical Hearthstone card game? Produced by the children of Blizzard's CEO? I… Continue reading Magic Arena: Lesser Hearthstone (Game Night!)