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  • Berserk Manga Review (Part 12): Campfire of Dreams

    Berserk Manga Review (Part 12): Campfire of Dreams

    Hoo, boy! I finally get to talk about my favorite chapter! I’m bouncing up and down like a little boy on Christmas, I’m so excited! Having survived their ordeal, Guts and Casca have returned to the Band of the Hawk. With magic medicine in hand, Casca meets Guts on a hillside overlooking the army’s camp. […]

  • Berserk Manga Review (Part 11): Prepared For Death + Survival

    Are y’all prepared for the best battle scene in the Golden Age? Cause it’s finally time to talk about the Hundred Man fight! With the enemy closing in on them, Guts and Casca have no choice but to move. Unfortunately, the pair soon find themselves surrounded by a hundred mercenaries, led by the man who […]

  • Berserk Manga Review (Part 10): Casca

    As the name might suggest, this entire trilogy of chapters is all about Casca. Not just her backstory, but also her motivations, her personal struggles, and most importantly of all: her connection to Griffith. Fittingly, Guts more or less takes a back seat for all of this. He only interjects one time, and only when […]

  • Berserk Manga Review (Part 9): Departure for the Front + Engagement

    *Quick note: in my last Berserk review, I accidentally included the chapter ‘Precious Thing’ along with the four ‘Assassin’ chapters. ‘Precious Thing’ is the chapter where Griffith delivers his speech about friendship to Charlotte. I have retroactively changed the title of that review to reflect this, but for the sake of transparency and clarity, I […]

  • Berserk Manga Review (Part 8): Assassin + Precious Thing

    I am legit shaking out of excitement right now. This is one of the most iconic and beloved sections of Berserk, hands down. It develops Guts as a character so well that it puts other entire character arcs to shame! The king of Midland has granted the Band of the Hawk the honor of guarding […]