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The Wheel of Time (Book Series Review): Was It Worth It?

God, it feels like a thousand years since I started this series. It's hard to believe that we're nearly done with it all. The Wheel of Time is one of the most complicated reading experiences I have ever had. Few stories have ever frustrated me more than this one. There were so many points where… Continue reading The Wheel of Time (Book Series Review): Was It Worth It?

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Yu Ishigami: Locked in a Dark Room

*Quick note: this whole article was written by an anime-only fan. No manga spoilers, please.* Kaguya-sama: Love is War is, at its core, a comedy. Its main aim is to make you laugh. And if it's good at anything, it's good at that. But what makes the show special isn't its hilarious character-driven comedy. Rather,… Continue reading Yu Ishigami: Locked in a Dark Room

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Tales of Berseria is an Underrated Gem

Oh, wow. I almost forgot about that character analysis I did of Velvet a while back. I'm fairly sure I had meant to review this game way back then. But hey! Better late than never, right? My relationship with the Tales games is... weird. I've played plenty of them and I've liked them all! But… Continue reading Tales of Berseria is an Underrated Gem

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Metroid Dread: The Triumphant Return

First was Psychonauts 2. Now a brand-new Metroid game. This year is my year! Metroid Dread is game with a lot riding on it. The series has been more or less stuck in hibernation ever since the release of Metroid: Other M back in 2010. Aside from two 3DS games, only one of which we… Continue reading Metroid Dread: The Triumphant Return