My Review Academia

My Review Academia

Season 1


If no one else will say it, than I sure as hell will. I think season one is underrated. It has a lot of really great things that people just don’t talk about. So I’m gonna try my damn hardest to do so. But never fear: I’ll still be fair and critical.

Episode 1: Scrawny Boy

Episode 2: You Can Become A Hero

Episode 3: Ripped Boy

Episode 4: Quirks Abound!

Episode 5: Worst. Teacher. Ever.

Episode 6: we’re sure Bakugo is mentally stable, right?

Episode 7: okay seriously, we’re completely positive that this boy is stable, right?!

Episode 8: Check Out All These Cool Powers!

Episode 9: Iida Does a Thing!

Episode 10: Smash, Balls, and Frog!

Episode 11: First We Go Up, Then We Go Down!

Episode 12: All Might Goes Plus Ultra!

Episode 13: Shigurake Actually Fucking Gets Shot and Gets Blood Everywhere

Season 2


This is still the best season of the show, and those thoughts are going to be reflected in every single review down there. Enjoy!

Episode 14: Too Sweet, Too Cute

Episode 15: Declarations of War

Episode 16: Fly Deku, Fly!

Episode 17: Squad Up!


Episode 19: The Bracket

Episode 20: Shinso

Episode 21: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Episode 22: Sweet Cinnamon Roll VS A Hand Grenade

Episode 23: Shoto Todoroki

Episode 24: Through Loss, He Gains Strength, Through Victory, He Gains Clarity

Episode 25: A Literal Hand Grenade VS A Fridge/Stove Top Rolled Into One

Episode 26: Name That Hero!

Episode 27: Old Man Rocket Feet!

Episode 28: Full Cowl

Episode 29: Staining the Streets in Blood

Episode 30: Iida’s Last Stand

Episode 31: The Goodest Boy

Episode 32: Tsu Does a Thing

Episode 33: Mimicry is the Highest Form of Flattery

Episode 34: Study, Study, and Study Some More!

Episode 35: Best Girl Becomes Best Girl

Episode 36: Principle Evil

Episode 37: Katsuki Bakugo and the No Good, Very Bad Day

Episode 38: no one look at the creepy guy in the hood who clearly has his hand on a kid’s throat

Season 3


I’ll be the first to admit that the first handful of these have aged really poorly. These were my first attempts at critical reviews like these, so I didn’t really go into the actual qualities of the episodes as deeply as I should have. If you want to see just how far my reviewing skills have come, go ahead and read these. That, or if you’re in the mood to cringe.

Episode 39: Let the Recap Begin!

Episode 40: Wild Wild Action Montages!

Episode 41: Kota… Tests My Patience

Episode 42: did this motherfucker just say a million percent?!

Episode 43: Class B Does a Thing!

Episode 44: well that got dark fast…

Episode 45: i can safely say i wasn’t expecting that…

Episode 46: CLOTHES!!

Episode 47: All For One

Episode 48: REEEEE!!

Episode 49: One For All… All My Tears!

Episode 50: The Fallout

Episode 51: THE UNPARALLELED THRILL OF… teenagers decorating their dorm rooms…

Episode 52: Ultimate Moves

Episode 53: So… Many… New… Characters…

Episode 54: So… Many… New… Quirks…

Episode 55: Best Girls + Shoji VS Smart Girl

Episode 56: Wait, Aoyama Did Something?!

Episode 57: Rescue Operations

Episode 58: Save The World From Filler!

Episode 59: The End of the Exam

Episode 60: Throwing the Gauntlet

Episode 61: True Rivals

Episode 62: The Face in the Wall

Episode 63: isn’t public nudity a crime?

The Movie


Soon to be ‘The Movies’


Movie: Two Hours of Fun

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