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Attack on Titan Season 1: The Rollercoaster

Remember when everyone was talking about this season? Like, literally everyone? And how they'd compare it to Game of Thrones even though the only thing they had in common was the tone? Yeah, I remember. I honestly don't think I can ever forget it. Still one of my favorite animeposters of all time. I want… Continue reading Attack on Titan Season 1: The Rollercoaster

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ARCHIVE Day 50: Holy Shit

Original Release: 4/17/18 Fifty days. It's been fifty days since I've gotten started on this blog. That may not seem like a huge milestone, but it is to me. That's fifty days in which I've actually put dedication into something. Normally at this point, I'd have quit and moved on to something else in my… Continue reading ARCHIVE Day 50: Holy Shit