Day 359: The Time Has Come and So Have I (DMC 5 First Impressions)

I’m sure I’m the first one to make that joke.

Friends, it’s been a long wait. But at long last, after eleven years and a reboot with an identity crisis, Devil May Cry 5 is here! And from what I’ve played thus far, I can say with confidence that it was worth the wait!

There’s plenty to talk about, but let’s start off with the most obvious point: holy shit this game looks good! The RE engine is on full blast here, and it does DMC more favors than I can count! Each character model, from Dante and Nero to the lowest enemy, is lovingly crafted and intricately detailed, right down to the gums holding their teeth and the smallest detail in their eyes. Every enemy is equally detailed, and they are some of the most disgusting monsters I’ve seen in a video game. I could see them fitting right in with Mr. X and some zombies in a Resident Evil game.

This game also has the most important element of a DMC game in droves: Style! Each cutscene puts the ridiculous abilities of the characters to perfect use. From the title cutscene, featuring Nero and Nico running down a group of demons in a big van, to the introduction of the first big boss of the game, every action scene in this game has what Devil May Cry needs. Ridiculous over-the-top action, cheesy and hilarious actions and quips, and scenes so bat-shit crazy that you’d think Dante knows he lives in a video game world.

You cannot convince me otherwise.

On the subject of Nico, let’s talk about the new characters. Nico is a great addition to the cast, with her abrasive say-what-she’s-thinking attitude and technical genius. I haven’t gotten far enough to know what V’s deal is, but I like him thus far. He has an air of mystique to him, what with his vast knowledge on demons, awesome familiars that help him fight, and his pension for poetry. I’m excited to see where these characters go and how they’ll shape the story.

There’s also one more new character to talk about: our main bad guy, Urizen. I haven’t gotten far enough to know what his personality is like, but I do know one thing about him. This mother fucker is the toughest foe Dante and the gang have ever faced. By a very wide margin.

Urizen falls into one of my favorite tropes in video games. At the beginning of the game, we establish that you the player are still weak, and the main villain is insanely powerful. This motivates the player to get through the game, get stronger, and put him down. By establishing the power gap between hero and villain in the first level, you the player understand how awesome your character will be by the end.

And hopefully, should your skills develop, how awesome you’ll be by the end.

Combat wise, this game is exactly what you’d expect. It’s classic Devil May Cry through and through. All of Nero’s moves from 4 are back, and they’ve all been made significantly cooler thanks to the game’s gorgeous visuals. But there is one extra addition that greatly changes both his move set and how the game is played: the mechanical arm.

There are several flavors of arm for Nero to use (even more so if you bought the Deluxe Edition like I did), all of which give Nero different and fun moves to use. You can use each one a certain number of times, or you can just blow them up and move on to the next arm in your que. They’re all useful, stylish as hell, and they add a really fun extra layer to the gameplay.

Now, there is one major issue that people had before the game came out: the music. Specifically, Dante’s them ‘Subhuman‘, which is one of the worst songs in the series. Luckily, there is an alternative, thanks to the Jukebox. With this, you can change the battle theme for each character. Meaning, when you get to finally play as Dante and V, you can just change their terrible tracks into Nero’s theme.

Cause ‘Devil Trigger‘ is one of the best songs in any video game ever and I’ll fucking fight you on that.

Now, I feel I must reiterate: these are only my first impressions. Whether these opinions will stand up by the end is still unknown to me. For all I know, the game will shit the bed before the end. So take everything I’ve said in this rant with a grain of salt. You’ll know whether these thoughts still stand up when the full review comes out.

But personally, I have few doubts that the game will fail. So far, it’s everything I’ve been hoping for and more. Is it better than DMC 3? I’m not sure yet. But I can safely say it’s better than both DMC 1 and 2.

The ladder of which is not very hard to do.

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