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My Review Academia S3 E22: Throwing the Gauntlet

There is a fair amount to unpack here, so let’s just bullet point the lesser plot points before getting to the two most important events of the episode. They are…

  • The results of the test, in which everyone from Class 1-A except Todoroki and Bakugo passes (how the fuck did MINETA pass?!) and Inasa also fails
  • Inasa and Todoroki sort of make up, but they make it perfectly clear that they still have hard feelings between each other
  • It’s revealed shape-shifting chick was actually psycho-bitch from the last arc, who has stolen a single drop of Deku’s blood
  • Ms. Joke and Eraser agree to a joint training session, which I hope actually pans out into something later
  • And everyone gets a bit of rest before heading to sleep

Those are some of the finer points, and you may have noticed something: those are pretty fucking important points. But they are completely overshadowed by two major plot points. Those being two confrontations.

All Might’s conversation with All-For-One, and Kacchan’s confrontation of Deku.

Let’s start with the former. It’s a simple conversation in which All Might attempts to interrogate All-For-One, and All-For-One only continues to be my favorite villain in this series. He mocks All Might, claiming that his efforts only made the villain situation worse for when he retired, and that he wouldn’t be satisfied nor even understand why he became a villain in the first place.

I also love how simple his motivations were. While All Might wanted to be the greatest hero, All-For-One wanted to be an (in his exact words): ‘Evil Devil King’.

You know, I only just realized as I wrote this that that kind of weakly echoes Bakugo’s would-be Hero name, ‘Lord Explosion Murder’. It’s a massive stretch I know, but it’s something I just noticed was kind of similar. Could it mean something? I highly doubt it, but that would be pretty cool.

As All Might leaves and All-For-One taunts him, All Might returns the package to sender and throws all of the villain’s insults right back at him, at which All-For-One simply smiles. They somewhat foreshadow that he may escape and return later, but I don’t think it’ll be for a while if it happens at all.

Next up, we got the confrontation between Bakugo and Deku. Bakugo brings Deku back to the training ground in which they first fought, where the former finally pieces it together that All Might gave his power unto Deku. Then, just as the episode comes to an end, he challenges Deku to one more fight.

And according to the next preview, they’re totally going to fight and it looks like it’s gonna be sick as hell!

This was a great episode. All Might’s confrontation with All-For-One was awesome and engaging, and watching the conversation between Deku and Bakugo slowly escalate to the throwing of the gauntlet is both engaging and tense as hell. My eyes were glued to the screen the whole time.

Surprise surprise, I liked it a lot and I’m excited for the next one. Seriously, are you expecting anything else at this point? This show’s got me by the balls and it refuses to let go.

It’s such a shame that this season is coming to it’s end…

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